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Want A Career In Digital Marketing?

Want A Career In Digital Marketing?

#4 Gain Basic Technical Skills

The most successful online marketers are always on a learning journey. They don’t just whine and beg others to do things for them if they’re confused. They carve time out of their day little by little to go through a task methodically and learn how to do it themselves.

There are many newbies to online marketing who learn that they have to set up a blog and the meltdown ensues before a domain name is even purchased. They ask in forums and beg friends to do it for them – because they give up instead of hunkering down and mastering tasks that are initially intimidating.

Having basic technical skills will help with your momentum. Instead of having to wait for others to bail you out, or even having to pony up money to a service provider to do things for you – and then wait for them to complete it – you can easily navigate your business quickly without having to work at the mercy of someone else.

Keep in mind that with technical issues, there will always be a learning curve. So the best way to address this is to slowly go through each step of the process while watching and pausing a video on how to do it.

This holds true no matter what it is you’re learning to do – installing WordPress, creating an eCover for your info product, conducting niche research and more. There are millions of videos you can watch for free that teach you these things.

You don’t have to buy expensive courses or hire a coach that will have you mortgage your house to be able to afford him. Just go to YouTube, Udemy or Teachable and find the instructions you need to master.

You’re going to find that after doing it on your own a few times, you’re able to repeat the steps without having to watch any of the videos. Your mind will remember the tasks with ease, speeding up your success online.

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