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Want A Career In Digital Marketing?

Want A Career In Digital Marketing?

#3 Get Your Message Across Effectively

One of the thing successful marketers do better than those who crash and burn is that they know how to get their message across. You might be thinking that all you have to do is spit out the facts, but it takes more than that to succeed online.

Facts only get you so far. Your online audience is looking for someone to guide them – not someone to read them an encyclopedia. Think back to when you were in school learning from a variety of teachers.

Did you enjoy learning from the boring, monotone teacher who just read facts from a book? Or did you perk up more when you went to the class where there was a teacher who was enthusiastic about their subject and could engage the kids?

It’s the same with adults and online marketing. No one wants to learn the facts about nutrition from someone who just says “make sure you watch your carbs and keep it at 20 or below to be in ketosis.”

They want someone who can understand their emotions. Someone who can say “You might feel like you got hit by a train on day 3 of keto, but trust me, right when your whole family has learned to hide from you and your grumpy diet mood, it’s going to get better!”

Personality goes a long way in building a rapport with your online audience. You can be serious – you don’t have to be a comedian – but show your personality and be human, not robotic.

Having a point of view is also important. There are some marketers who try to be a catch-all of information. They attempt to be neutral with all of their advice. This isn’t helpful to those who follow you.

They’re looking for the best information, and they need to know what you believe and why. It’s okay if those who don’t agree with you go elsewhere. In fact, alienated people who think differently means you’re also attracted a core loyal audience who strongly believes you’re the top leader in your niche.

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