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Want A Career In Digital Marketing?

Want A Career In Digital Marketing?

#2 Learn to Use Multi Media

There are many people who get online to become online marketers and get excited when they start seeing traction with their blog. They’re writing content every day and sharing it on their blog and in their email autoresponder.

But what often happens is they get overtaken by other, more versatile marketers who understand that consumers like to learn in a variety of media formats. If you’re the type of person who refuses to do video, then you might be effectively slamming the door on thousands of prospective customers.

There are always free and low cost ways of doing things, and there are workarounds for those who feel shy or insecure with using other forms of media. Besides text, you should be utilizing images, videos, and even audios.

Start by learning how to include effective images in your content. You can use templates on the free site Canva to get started. The design is done for you – so all you have to do is alter the text and colors to match your needs.

You can break up text in your blog, have your social marketing posts show up better in peoples’ feeds, and become competitive in sites like Pinterest and Instagram, which are image-based.

When it comes to video, don’t let the concept scare you if you’re not used to it. There are many amateur bloggers who embrace video and they don’t have anything fancy in terms of setup, yet still manage to accrue a hefty following.

You have two ways of using video recordings. First, you can simply record yourself talking to your audience. It’s almost as if they’re watching a TV show, and this not only helps people enjoy a different media format, but it helps them form a deeper bond with you as a personality than if they’re only reading written words.

Second, if you have your reasons for not wanting to be on screen, you can create a simple presentation using PowerPoint or Canva and record the screen while you’re talking about a topic.

All you’ll need are bulletpoints to be strategically placed on the slides, and as you flip through them while recording, you can discuss the concept at your own pace. They still get to hear your voice, but you feel more at ease at the same time.

You don’t need any fancy software to make videos for online use. You can invest in Camtasia if you want to, but you can also use the freeware CamStudio. This allows you to edit the videos before publishing them on YouTube or Vimeo.

You can also get into audio media for people who love to listen to what you have to say while they’re multitasking. Use a free podcast site like Anchor.fm and just record your podcast on your smart phone if you need to before uploading it.

All of these multimedia elements – images, video and audio – can be embedded into your blog posts, shared on social media, and sent to your subscribers so they can enjoy a variety of styles from you and utilize whichever media format they best learn from.

While this is all great information, there’s another major benefit from learning to use multi media formats. Findability. You’re going to have people who have never heard of your blog, but who come across you when they’re shown your content on video sharing sites, on image-based social media and on audio sites.

That’s where they’ll get their first introduction to you, so make sure you’re highly branding your multimedia with your blog or lead page URL so you can capture their name and email address and cater to their needs for years to come.

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