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Affiliate Marketing Monetization

Affiliate Marketing Monetization

Using Social Media and Email Marketing to Earn More

There are two tools at your disposal that you can use to improve your monetization efforts as an affiliate marketer. The first is social media. You have to go out and see if your audience is on each site, but chances are, they’re there!

Facebook pages and groups are popular with some niche followers. For example, you might launch a low carb or keto group and post in it about recipes and strategies for following this diet that help people.

You can always link to your blog whenever you review an item and share your affiliate links there. They can also share the information from the group if you allow it, so it has the potential to go viral among their own friends and family.

YouTube is another social platform where you can record yourself reviewing products or even just discussing them (on screen or off using a presentation style format) and add your affiliate link or a link to your blog to get the click-through for a commission.

Instagram doesn’t allow individual links on posts, but they do allow a link in your bio. You can add people to your list with that link and then email them in the coming weeks and years to promote items that you think they’d need and want as well as guide them to success in your niche.

Pinterest is an image-based social media site with huge viral capability. You’ll want to make images (use a template on Canva free if you need to) and send people back to your blog for reviews and exposure to your affiliate links.

Even Twitter, SnapChat, TikTok and LinkedIn sometimes have ample affiliate opportunity, depending on your niche. You’ll just need to go through the platforms and see if your target audience is there.

For example, there’s a big following on TikTok for gardeners and even home organization! You can find a myriad of topics on all kinds of social sites, so don’t assume the audience isn’t there.

As you use these social media sites, drive the audience to a landing page of yours with an opt in form and free gift to get them on your list. This allows you to increase your monetization efforts because you’re no longer earning from them just once, but multiple times for as long as they remain a subscriber.

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