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Affiliate Marketing Monetization

Affiliate Marketing Monetization

Blogging for Big Affiliate Bucks

Blogging is a great way to strategically make money as an affiliate. You can do so many things with your content on your own domain, and as they land there to read (or watch) it, you also have a chance to build your list.

Product announcements can be made on your blog. Whenever you know a product is launching, you can position yourself for sales early on by being one of the first people to give details about it.

You can also create in depth product reviews of certain digital and tangible products. You’ll cover all the specs of the product, give your personal opinion about the benefits and features, and tell them how to get it.

Everyone loves a top numbered list, and blogs allow you to showcase many products in one post. For example, you can create a Top 10 Survival Food Bins post and give a friend summary review of each of the top 10 products you’re telling them about.

Some bloggers enjoy doing compare and contrast reviews. Here, you basically pit one product against another and share how they both stack up against each other. So you might not have one product that dominates with every spec or feature – but the consumer can decide which one is best between the two, based on the differences you showcase.

Case studies are always a hit. These work really well with digital products, but you have to be careful not to divulge all of the information found in the info product. Just talk about how it worked (or didn’t) going through the process and what your end results were.

You can also do the same with tangible products. This would require you to own and use the product and then report on how it did (or didn’t) work for you. For example, if you used a golf trainer for 14 days and then played a round of golf, did it improve your game, or not?

Special promotion deals are a great way to increase affiliate commissions. Sometimes a tangible company will give codes customers can use at checkout that are coded for your affiliate link and you can announce this on your blog.

But most of the time, this is applicable to digital products. There are digital vendors who will create coupon codes for you so that your followers will get a special price others don’t get.

You can also ask vendors to create a special bundle deal for your blog readers. For example, if your list consists of marketers who target the make money online niche, you might approach a PLR vendor and ask them to bundle up a bunch of marketing PLR for your readers at a special price.

It’s a win for everyone involved. Your customer gets a great deal. The vendor gets to package up some products without having to create something from scratch to profit from, and you as an affiliate get praised for securing the deal and get commissions from it, too

Bonus announcements are another thing you can blog about as an affiliate. In fact, aside from announcing your bonuses for when customers buy through your link, you can host a bonus on your blog.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting a course about using Facebook groups strategically. You can have as your bonus, a deal where those who buy through your link get to access a password-protected review implementation.

This is where you carefully go through the course behind closed doors with your blog readers and discuss every aspect of implementing the course – but only for paid buyers. Others won’t be able to access this information and it helps consumers to have hand holding along the way.

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