It would be impossible to design inspirational quotes for my clients and not for my own pleasure. Every Sunday morning, while enjoying my coffee I feel this urgent need to take my digital pen and say it on my own way.

Here I will be posting every new quote I design every Sunday, and I invite you all to this journey of mine, to get inspired and positive together.

Maria Tsetsou, Founder & Editor

If you wish to work with me to build your own inspirational branding strategy, send me an email, it’s that simple. You see quotes not only boost our branding, after all they inspire us and make us feel better. Isn’t it all about it …in the end?

moral quote 1

Smart work is the best choice of course, but even smart work has a level of difficulty in its own design and implementation. So in able to work smart we will first have to work hard to build our smart strategy.

moral quote 4

Age is just a number. Fact. I am 32, happy, hopefully creative enough to provide solutions and feel useful.  That’s the point. Doing something you feel that reflects your inner self in an emotional level and makes you feel good. It may be your career, your family, your pet, the festivals you attend, the art course you are following, it may be anything.  For me, is a cup of coffee, a creative project, Hans Zimmer. Aging is not supposed to limit the things we can find joy at.

moral quote 8

I would never imagine I would have managed to build a profitable freelancing career in just a few years through hard work and persistence. When I firstly started building my customer base from zero, things didn’t seem to turn out that well. I guess what we call karma has rewarded me for my effort.

moral quote 2

Many of my clients ask me, what is the best price I should sell my services or products? Guys the answer is not that easy as you many think. I always perform multi-dimensional market analysis to build the best pricing strategy for my clients. Research is the best tool to identify your competition, the local demand and the future prospects.


moral quote 6

That’s one of my favorite quotes, because it’s the biggest truth said. We just have to create the perfect environment to host our clients. Then we invite them to our home and serve them as deserved, so they visit us again and again. I call it Home Strategy.

moral quote 7

Our customers are people. People want to be happy. We will make them happy no matter what. There is always a way to achieve the greater level of happiness (Customer Satisfaction). And they lived happily ever after.

moral quote 9

A friend on mine trolled me on this. However, I strongly believe that you have to be in a certain level of business love with your customers to serve them the best. You have to care about them. It’s not a process of enforcement, it’s a natural evolution of the feelings you have towards them regarding their progress while working with them. And it makes everything easier, after all you just take care of someone you care about.